Student Services

"Our mission is to provide services and programs which promote and enhance the academic, social, and personal development of all students."

Welcome To Student Services
2022 - 2023

Dean of Students - Sarah Gilliam
[email protected]
673-9940 ext. 5319

Director of School Counseling - Karen Chininis
[email protected]
673-9940 ext. 5310

School Resource Officer - Heather Blasé
673-9940 ext. 5337

Maren Petropulos - Student Services
673-9940 ext. 5309 [email protected]

Student Services Administrative Assistant
Michelle Paul - Student Services
673-9940 ext. 5308 [email protected]

School Counselors: (during the School Year)
Counselors are available by appointment
Monday - Friday

Tim Cotreau - 9th Grade Counselor [email protected]
(located in the Annex Office)
673-9940 ext. 6312

Pam Ilg [email protected]
673-9940 ext. 5313

Kylé Robson [email protected]
673-9940 ext. 5311

Erin Perry [email protected]
673-9940 ext. 5315

Special Education Administrator - Katie Rawl
[email protected]
673-9940 ext. 6311

Special Education Administrative Assistant
Marie Desnoyers [email protected]
673-9940 ext. 6310

Nikki Murray - School Psychologist
673-9940 ext. 5336 [email protected]

Sheelu Joshi Flegal - School Social Worker
673-9940 ext. 5338 [email protected]

Angela Hildreth - School Nurse
673-9940 ext. 5327 [email protected]


SAU 39 Suicide Prevention Coordinator - Meg Beauchamp
[email protected]
SHS Suicide Prevention Liaison - Karen Chininis
[email protected]
SHS Homeless Liaison - Sheelu Joshi Flegal
[email protected]
SHS Foster Care Liaison - Karen Chininis
[email protected]


If you, or someone you know, needs extra support, confidential 24 hour helplines are available:

  • Crisis Textline: Text HOME to 741-741

  • NH Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255

  • Trevor Project: Text START 678-678

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, please do one of the following:

  • Call your local police department (Amherst PD: 603-673-4900, Mont Vernon PD: 603-673-5610)

  • Call 911

  • Call the Mobile Crisis Response Team 1-800-762-8191

  • Go to the nearest Emergency Room