Community Council

Community Council was founded in 1992 during Souhegan's first year of service. Its task is to create and modify school procedures as a representative body of forty-seven members. Council is purposefully diverse and purposefully student-led: twenty members are students elected by their grade, ten members are faculty, five members are from the Amherst and Mont Vernon communities, ten representatives elected in the fall as "at-large" members, the Dean of Students represents the administration, and a Souhegan School Board member is elected to represent the School Board. The representatives discuss and vote on various proposals concerning student life, school initiatives, disciplinary procedure, grading procedure, and any other matter of importance to the school community.

For the 2023-2024 School Year:

  • This link is a rough calendar outline of our meetings for the year and minutes from past meetings.
  • Below is a list of the current members of community council, along with their email contact information and what position(s) they hold in the council

Community Council Contacts List

 Below is a list of past proposals discussed by council. 

Community Council Past Proposals

Important Documents

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