On behalf of the staff at Souhegan High School, welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!


We are incredibly excited to have students back in the building. At SHS we take pride in our ability to provide educational opportunities that allow students to grow into the best versions of themselves. During the school year we expect that the building will be alive with the sound of students and staff learning, working, laughing and enjoying all kinds of educational and co-curricular activities.


At the heart of our mission is creating an educational environment that not only challenges our students intellectually but also cultivates and sustains positive relationships. With this focus on developing academic stamina, resilience towards navigating academic and social challenges will help students to be prepared for the many facets of life they will encounter. Creating appropriately challenging academic work and developing interpersonal skills must be present in our instructional and professional practices and is essential to realizing our purpose and potential.



As we transition from summer to the school year, we encourage you to think about the Souhegan Mission Statement and how as students and families we can work together to live the mission.



Souhegan High School aspires to be a community of learners born of respect, trust and courage. We consciously commit ourselves:


To support and engage an individual’s unique gifts, passions and intentions.

To develop and empower the mind, body and heart.

To challenge and expand the comfortable limits of thought, tolerance and performance.

To inspire and honor the active stewardship of family, nation and globe.


Our partnership with students and families as well as other community members and organizations is a key part of our success. Students benefit as families are involved in their education.


We look forward to the continued partnership and a great school year.




Michael Berry